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Driving Innovation.

Longhorn Racing Electric is one of our student-run Formula SAE teams here on the 40 acres that design, build, and compete with a new formula electric car each year. As one of the most hands-on engineering orgs on campus, our mission is to provide students with applied experience in a fast-paced, collaborative, and innovative environment. Specifically, this team teaches students about effective EV design, high voltage architecture, and technologies on the cutting edge of electrical integration.As the most recent Longhorn Racing team, we were founded in 2015 and every car since has shown immense growth in our capabilities and ambitions as a team. In 2022, our second car to pass tech inspection placed 7th overall out of 57 teams, 3rd in endurance​, and 1st in energy efficiency. Going into the coming year, our priorities are exploring pouch cells along with other possibilities for rear packaging, prioritizing testing and validation as a part of the design cycle, and ensuring that we are facilitating a space for students to explore and grow as both engineers and leaders.


Electric cars are new, exciting, and revolutionizing the automotive industry. We aim to cultivate interest and education in this new technology and provide our members with a unique, cutting-edge experience. Having an electric car team increases the diversity of UT’s chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers by attracting people from a wider variety of technical backgrounds.

Meet the Team



204 E Dean Keeton St.
Austin, TX 78712

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