Electric Vehicle Team Leads

Jaiden Patel

Team Captain

Jaiden is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student from Austin, Texas. He has been a diehard UT fan since he was a little kid and is extremely proud to be a Longhorn. Over the last two seasons, Jaiden was the Drivetrain Lead Engineer for Lorraine and Easy Driver. 

Joseph Vickery_edited.jpg

Joseph Vickery

Manufacturing Lead

Joseph is a mechanical engineer in the integrated master's program, working to complete his fifth and final year at UT. He is the Manufacturing Lead, and wanted everyone to see what is most certainly his most recent photo.

Kieran Cosgrove.png

Kieran Cosgrove

Design Lead

Kieran is a mechanical engineer in the integrated master's program, working to complete his fifth and final year at UT. As the Chief Engineer, he manages the technical development, systems integration, and vehicle timeline. When he's not drinking caffeine at 3 am to code vehicle simulations, he enjoys going to concerts and playing ultimate frisbee.


Alexa von Wobeser

Operations Lead

Alexa is a 2nd year ECE student with a Business minor from San Antonio, Texas. As Operations lead she deals with handling Corporate Relations, Treasury, and Public Relations. In her free time, she likes to drink coffee and play sports. 

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Rohan Puppala

Aerodynamics Lead

Rohan is a junior aerospace engineering major from Fort Worth, TX, and is in his second year on the team and the aerodynamics system. As the Aerodynamics Lead, he manages two subsystems to develop and manufacture the wings, undertray, and bodywork of the car. In his free time, he likes to run, play video games, and cook. 


Reyes Mata

Body Lead

Reyes is a second year mechanical engineer from El Paso, TX. This is his second year on the team and first year on the body system. His responsibilities as Body Lead are to manage the frame and ergonomics aspects of the car. During his free time he likes to explore Austin's parks, watch movies, and take fulfilling naps.


Robert Horvath

Dynamic/Structures Lead

Robert is a second year mechanical engineering major from Wichita Falls, TX. This is his second year on the team and the dynamics system. As the Dynamics Lead, he manages the suspension, unsprung, steering, and brake assemblies on the car. He spends every waking moment staring at VS Code questioning why he doesn't study computer science.


Rylan Hanks

Electronics Lead

Rylan is a 2nd year electrical engineering student from Austin, Texas. As electronics lead, he's responsible for architecting electrical control and safety systems as well as system-wide electrical integration. When he's not working late nights or blowing up components in the lab, he enjoys bouldering and cooking. 


Kevin Yu

Powertrain Lead

Kevin is a  mechanical engineering major from Austin, TX, and is entering his second year on the team. As Powertrain Lead, he will oversee the design and manufacturing of the battery, drivetrain, enclosures, and cooling subsystems. His favorite saying is “That's crazy,” which he sees as the perfect response to any statement.


Dylan Hammerbeck

Race Strategies Lead

Dylan is a second-year mechanical engineering student from Phoenix, Arizona. During his first year, he was a member of the Race logistics and testing team and now he is the system lead. His responsibilities as the Race logistics lead are to test the old competition car and train drivers. In his free time he enjoys working out, being outdoors, and playing sports. 


Pranav Yedavelli

Corporate Relations Lead

Pranav is a first year Economics major from The Woodlands, TX.  As the Corporate Relations Lead, he is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with partners and mentors. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and any other sport he can. 


Ashwara Pillai

Public Relations Lead

Ashwara is a 4th year Design student from Austin, Texas. As Public Relations lead and graphic designer for the team, she creates deliverables for merchandise, advertising, and events. When she’s not designing, she’s playing soccer, watching a good movie, or longboarding. 

Fernando - Treasury.jpg

Fernando Fuentes

Treasury Lead

Fernando is a fourth-year finance major from Del Rio, Texas. As Treasury Lead, he is responsible for overseeing the entire financial operations of the team including purchasing, budgeting, and financial planning and analysis. When he is not managing his investment portfolio, he likes to work on his car, go to concerts, and hang out with the boys. 


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