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Our Electric Leads


Luisa Bryson-Sanchez

Team Captain

Luisa is a second-year in the design program within the school of fine arts. As team captain, she manages vehicle timelines and leads the communication between technical and operations teams. In the past she has led the frame subsystem and loves to weld :).

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Kevin Yu

Chief Engineer

Kevin is a Mechanical Engineering major from Austin, TX, and is entering his third year on the team. As the Chief Engineer, he oversees the technical design, integration, and testing for the full vehicle. His favorite saying is “That's crazy,” which he sees as the perfect response to any statement.


Kylie Johnston

Manufacturing Lead

Kylie is a second year Electrical and Computer Engineering student. As manufacturing lead she manages the manufacturing timeline, procurement, and training for the engineers on the team. You can find her either shocking herself in electronics labs, scrubbing metal shavings off her hands in the machine shop, or spending hours reading with her cat.


Alexa von Wobeser

Operations Lead

Alexa is a third year Electrical and Computer Engineering student with a Business minor from San Antonio, Texas. As Operations lead she deals with handling Corporate Relations, Treasury, and Public Relations. In her free time, she likes to drink coffee and play sports.


Rohan Puppala

Aerodynamics Lead

Rohan is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering major from Fort Worth, TX, and is in his third year on the team and the aerodynamics system. As the Aerodynamics Lead, he manages two subsystems to develop and manufacture the wings, undertray, and bodywork of the car. In his free time, he likes to run, play video games, and cook.


Lani Hong

Body Lead

Lani is a second year mechanical engineering student at UT. Her role as Body Lead encompasses the frame and ergonomics subsystems. Outside of LHR, she enjoys rock climbing, swimming, and wasting her life away playing video games.


Andrew Cloran

Dynamic/Structures Lead

Andrew is a Mechanical Engineering student working on his second year at UT. As the Vehicle Dynamics Lead, he manages the technical development, timeline, and teaching within the system. When not working on the car, he loves to mountain bike and cook delicious meals.


Rylan Hanks

Electronics Lead

Rylan is a third year Electrical Engineering major pursuing a specialty in embedded systems and integrated circuits. As the Electronics Lead, Rylan is responsible for managing the architecture and implementation of systems ranging from driver controls and instrumentation to data acquisition. When he's not setting components on fire, he enjoys bouldering and cooking.


Corbin Dwyer

Powertrain Lead

Corbin is a mechanical engineering student going into his senior year at UT. He is the powertrain lead for Longhorn Racing Electric. Specifically, he manages a team of engineers that design and manufacture the battery, drivetrain, electrical enclosures, and their respective thermal management systems. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and attending concerts.


Dylan Hammerbeck

Race Strategies Lead

Dylan is a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Phoenix, Arizona. During his first year, he was a member of the Race logistics and testing team and now he is the system lead. His responsibilities as the Race logistics lead are to test the old competition car and train drivers. In his free time he enjoys working out, being outdoors, and playing sports. 


Pranav Yedavelli

Corporate Relations Lead

Pranav is a second year Economics major from The Woodlands, TX. As the Corporate Relations Lead, he is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with partners and mentors. In his free time he enjoys reading and playing basketball.


Tracy Miranda

Public Relations Lead

Tracy is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in Environmental Engineering. As PR and Outreach lead, she works on branding, designing deliverables and community engagement. When she is not studying, she enjoys boxing, learning a new recipe and traveling.


Angel Valles

Treasury Lead

Angel is a second year Chemical Engineering student from Eagle Pass, Texas. As the Treasury Lead, he supervises the fiscal aspect of the team which includes purchasing, budgeting, and financial analysis.When he’s not studying for midterms, he enjoys trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

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