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Sun. Powered.

UT Austin's Longhorn Racing Solar team is one of the oldest student engineering teams on campus. Founded in 1988, as the University of Texas Solar Vehicle Team, we proudly race as Team 8 in the American Solar Challenge, as one of the original ten teams. In recent years post-COVID, the team has significantly grown, and attended the 2022 FSGP with the first new car in almost a decade.


Looking to keep the momentum going, the team is planning on competing at both FSGP and ASC in 2024, and building upon our successes from 2022. We operate within some of the tightest design constraints (our power budget is roughly that of a low-end toaster), and our competition is radically different from most collegiate racing teams.


If you enjoy solving extremely unique problems, being on a close-knit team, and gaining massive amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge while doing something seriously cool, we're the best place for you to be. Feel free to reach out to us at any time, and Hook 'em!

Meet the Team



204 E Dean Keeton St.
Austin, TX 78712

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