Combustion Vehicle Team Leads

Tyler Watts

Team Captain

Tyler is a junior in mechanical engineering from San Antonio, Texas. As the Team Captain of the Combustion Team, his duties include setting high-level design and operations goals as well as overseeing all team operations. He spends most of his free time googling “how to build a car” in spells of desperation.


Gloria Wang

Team Manager

Gloria is a business and plan II major from Allen, Texas. As Team Manager and head of operations, her job is to send emails that don’t get replies. In her free time, she likes exploring anything art, sustainability, or healthcare-related


Sam Finley

Dynamics Lead

Sam Finley is a junior in mechanical engineering from Austin, TX. As the Dynamics Lead, he is in charge of optimizing the handling characteristics of the car which includes the suspension and steering components, among other things. Believe it or not, he has other personality traits besides liking cars and engineering. He promises.


Jonathan Parra

Chief Engineer

Jonathan is a junior mechanical engineering student from Allen, Texas. As the Chief Engineer, he spends most of his time tearing his hair out and extensively researching Solidworks and ANSYS error messages. On an unrelated note, if you’re looking for some ABEC 9 Super Precision ball bearings, let him know.


Blake Teitel

Powertrain Lead

Blake Teitel is a senior in mechanical engineering and Powertrain Lead for the Combustion team. He is responsible for the engineering and integration of engine controls and development, thermal and fluids systems, and the drivetrain of the car.  Despite caring deeply about carbon emissions, he does not care about carbon emissions, because racecar.


Cyrus Mahdavi

Electronics Lead

Cyrus Mahdavi is a junior from Whitehouse, Texas currently studying computer science. As the lead of the electronics subsystem, he spends his time teaching people how to browse stackoverflow and act like they know what they’re doing. He’s currently leading a team that’s working on copy-pasting enough code from public repos to make an in-steering wheel driver’s display. The closest he’ll ever get to fame is going to the same high school as Patrick Mahomes.


Tim Roy Chowdhury

Body Lead

Tim is a chemical engineering senior from the Woodlands, TX. His job as Body Lead is to integrate the aerodynamics, frame, and ergonomics systems together. He also has the added task of making the car look like it is straight out of the F1 paddock. Obviously, he isn’t doing a very good job of that.


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