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While our team of 60 is mainly composed of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, we invite students of all majors to join and take part of bringing our dream to reality. It is impossible to operate a successful team (of any kind) when everyone thinks the same way – only through diverse opinions and healthy debate can a team reach its maximum potential and design the best car.


8 Systems.
1278 Parts.
15678 Hours*.

A monumental feat of research, engineering, and teamwork.

*and counting...



35 years of priceless experience.



The solar panels, mounted to a carbon-kevlar wing, provide a maximum of 1.3 kW with a theoretical top speed of 70 mph. It placed sixth at the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix held at Circuit of the Americas for the first time.


A sun-sized thank you to our partners and students.

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110 Inner Campus Drive Austin, TX 78705

204 E Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX, USA


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