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Longhorn Racing


While our team of 48 is mainly composed of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, we invite students of all majors to join and take part of bringing our dream to reality. It is impossible to operate a successful team (of any kind) when everyone thinks the same way – only through diverse opinions and healthy debate can a team reach its maximum potential and design the best car.



8 Systems.
1278 Parts.
15678 Hours*.

A monumental feat of research, engineering, and teamwork.

*and counting...


Hannah Lee

Electrical Lead

Hannah is a senior from Frisco, Texas, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the Electrical Lead, she oversees the design and manufacturing of the electrical system of the vehicle. She once also went through over twenty highlighters in one summer. For what? You'll never know.


Walter Stark

Mechanical Lead

Walter is a junior from Plano, Texas studying Mechanical Engineering with an Elements of Computing Certificate. As Mechanical Lead, he oversees the Body and Dynamics systems of the car. Walter considers himself a world traveler despite never leaving the United States.


Sidharth Babu


Sidharth is a Sophomore from Nashville, TN, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the Controls lead, Sidharth is makes sure the driver is actually useful. When he's not working on Controls or stressing out over classes, you can probably find him concocting the most unholy caffeinated drinks known to man.


Rishi Ponnekanti

Team Captain

Rishi is a senior from Frisco, Texas studying Electrical & Computer Engineering with a focus in Software Engineering. His greatest weakness is his sense of direction, and he'll probably get lost on the way to his online classes this semester.


Esther Jin


Esther is a freshman from League City, Texas studying Mechanical Engineering with a certificate in Computational Engineering. As Body Lead, she oversees the creation of the solar vehicle's composite shells, frame, and enclosures. When she's not patching up the car with body filler, you might find her patching herself up with band-aids.


Manthan Upadhyaya

Battery Protection System

Manthan is a Junior from Dallas, TX majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As BPS lead, the only thing he appreciates as much as a safe battery pack is free food (preferably donuts). Hello I am Manthan I am very smart and cool hello hi lorem ipsum.


Clark Poon

Chief Engineer

Clark is a grad student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As chief engineer, he is responsible for pretending to be important and hoping that the car works. His picture is from 2017 because why would you ever need to update your headshot?



Jacob Yan


Jacob is a sophomore from Plano, Texas studying Mechanical Engineering despite two Electrical Engineer Parents. As Dynamics Lead, he oversees all the moving parts on the car which are divided into the steering, suspension, and unsprung mass subsystems. In his free time, Jacob likes to play badminton and wake up his neighbors with his trumpet playing.


Siobhán Madden

Power Systems

Siobhán is a junior from Sugar Land, TX, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the Power Systems Lead, she works on the design and manufacturing of the hardware and power electronics that go into the car. She’s not kitten when she tells you how much she loves cats!


35 years of priceless experience.



The solar panels, mounted to a carbon-kevlar wing, provide a maximum of 1.3 kW with a theoretical top speed of 70 mph. It placed sixth at the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix held at Circuit of the Americas for the first time.

Rise with us.

A Sun-sized thank you to our partners.

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110 Inner Campus Drive Austin, TX 78705

110 Inner Campus Drive Austin, TX 78705

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