Solar Vehicle Team Leads

Michael Wolf

Team Captain

Michael Wolf is a Junior from Potomac, Maryland studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business. As Team Captain, he directs all committee work and coordinates Corporate Relations, Outreach Events, and Team Accounting. Michael has recently become rather interested in trading Wheat Futures and is well on his way to becoming a degenerate gambler. Please do not read the last two sentences in order.

Chase Block

Chief Engineer

Chase Block is a Junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. He spends his time breaking and then trying to fix any electronics he can get a hold of. For some reason, the fact that he now leads multiple safety-critical systems does not seem to concern anyone.

Sonia Lopez

Mechanical Lead

Sonia Lopez is a Junior from Harker Heights, TX studying Mechanical Engineering and double majoring in Asian Culture & Languages: Japanese.
She likes to stare at her plants in her free time. 

Rishi Ponnekanti

Electrical Lead

Rishi Ponnekanti is a sophomore from Frisco, Texas studying Electrical & Computer Engineering with a focus in Software Engineering. His greatest weakness is his sense of direction, and he'll probably get lost on the way to his online classes this semester.

Mechanical Leads

Walter Stark


Walter Stark is a freshman from Plano, Texas studying Mechanical Engineering with an Elements of Computing Certificate. As Body Lead, he directs the design and manufacturing of the car's composite shells, frame, and enclosures. Walter considers himself a world traveler despite never leaving the United States  

John Ching


John Ching is a senior from Singapore studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Materials Science. As the Dynamics lead, he manages the steering, braking, and suspension systems, as well as the mechanical behavior of the vehicle. John is interested in wakeboarding and riding motorcycles, and is well on his way to either living on a homestead or a trailer. 

Electrical Leads

Hannah Lee

Power System

Hannah Lee is a Sophomore from Frisco, Texas, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the Hardware Lead, she works on the design and manufacturing of the hardware and power electronics that go in the car. She once also went through over twenty highlighters in one summer. For what? You'll never know.

Clark Poon

Battery Protection System

Clark Poon is a Junior Electrical and Computer Engineering major from The Woodlands, Texas. As BPS lead, he is in charge of stopping the car from catching on fire. The car has never caught on fire.

Roie Gal


Roie Gal is a sophomore from Plano, Texas, studying Electrical & Computer Engineering with a focus in Computer Architecture. As the Controls lead, he is responsible for making sure that the car is indeed controlled by the driver, and not by a giant remote control. Roie has very strong opinions on French Horns and why they should not exist.  

Afnan Mir


Afnan Mir is a freshman from Plano, Texas studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As Solar Array Lead, he is in charge of all aspects of the car having to do with power generation at maximum efficiency. This includes software development, electrical design, and algorithm research. He is convinced that if he was 6 foot he would be on track to be in the NBA. Unfortunately he is 5 foot 7 on a good day. 


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