Solar Vehicle Team Leads

Chase Block

Electrical Lead

Chase Block is a Junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As Electrical Lead, he directs all electrical subsystems on the vehicle, which include power, control, telemetry, and safety systems. He spends his time breaking and then trying to fix any electronics he can get a hold of. For some reason, the fact that he now leads multiple safety-critical systems does not seem to concern anyone.

Michael Wolf

Team Captain

Michael Wolf is a Junior from Potomac, Maryland studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business. As Team Captain, he directs all committee work and coordinates Corporate Relations, Outreach Events, and Team Accounting. Michael has recently become rather interested in trading Wheat Futures and is well on his way to becoming a degenerate gambler. Please do not read the last two sentences in order.

Thiago De Sousa Burgani

Chief Engineer

Thiago de Sousa is a graduate mechanical engineering student, and our current Chief Engineer. He's been a member of solar since 2016, and like all other graduate students, starting to regret not going into industry.

Hannah Lee

Power Systems

Hannah Lee is a Sophomore from Frisco, Texas, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the Hardware Lead, she works on the design and manufacturing of the hardware and power electronics that go in the car. She once also went through over twenty highlighters in one summer. For what? You'll never know.

Clark Poon

BPS (Battery Protection System)

Clark Poon is a Junior Electrical and Computer Engineering major from The Woodlands, Texas. As BPS lead, he is in charge stopping the car from catching on fire. He has never set the car on fire.

Matthew Yu


Matthew Yu is a Senior from Toronto, Ontario, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As Solar Array lead, he's involved in many aspects of the car, including manufacturing, assembly, electrical design, and software development. Matthew is very tired and is building a robot to replace him ASAP.

Colette Montminty

Data Acquisition

Colette Montminy is a Junior from Walnut Creek, California studying Computer Science with a minor in Business. She is currently leading the Data Acquisition team, which manages the cars telemetry system and race strategy. Her favorite animal is her dog, Hunter, even though he messed up her headshot about six times.

Rishi Ponnekanti


Rishi Ponnekanti is a sophomore from Frisco, Texas studying Electrical & Computer Engineering with a focus in Software Engineering. He is the Controls system lead, which means he gets to make the car go vroom. His greatest weakness is his sense of direction, and he'll probably get lost on the way to his online classes this semester.

David Exiga


David Exiga is a Junior from Beaumont, Texas pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. As the Dynamics Lead, he is in charge of the design and manufacturing of the Suspension, Steering, and Unsprung Mass assemblies. When David grows up he either wants to be David Dobrik or a McElroy brother for the podcast My Brother My Brother and Me.

Sonia Lopez

Body Lead

Sonia Lopez is a Junior from Harker Heights, TX studying Mechanical Engineering and double majoring in Asian Culture & Languages: Japanese.
As Body Lead, she is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the main body, frame, and enclosures of the car. She likes to stare at her plants in her free time. 


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