Our Officer Team

Brunon Walczak


Kevin Mechler

Vice President

Athanasisus Pavlich

Corporate Relations

Madison Gavin


Alex Bouckley

Public Relations

Outreach Coordinator

Cristina Salas

Shania Safira

Events Coordinator

Facilities Manager

Gabe Alloy

Our Faculty Advisors
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Mr. Wood is always there to provide our team with assistance when we need it. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Engineering and Computer Graphics Area of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

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Dr. Ronald


One of the greatest assets to our team, Dr. Matthews is the founder of the student division of UT SAE International and has received numerous awards from SAE for his work as an educator, researcher, and innovator. 

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Dr. Gary


Dr. Hallock is the faculty advisor and mentor that helped start the Solar Vehicle Team, and has received countless recognitions for his research in high performance plasma thrusters and the development of sophisticated plasma confinement diagnostics.

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Dr. Scott


Dr. Evans has provided a lot of help to our team. He is currently the director of the Longhorn Maker Studio, and has a lot of knowledge to share as a mechanical engineer, materials scientist, entrepreneur, consultant and teacher.

Austin, TX, USA

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