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February Update


          Combustion continued to work hard over break. On the body subteam, design work is essentially finalized, which means we can start manufacturing within the month. This is the last major system to take care of before we have a fully complete car, so we are pushing hard to make this happen.

          On the dynamics team, everything is assembled and ready to go, with the exception of the anti-roll bars. We are currently working on a mock-up before we CNC the real part so we can make sure everything fits according to plan. The suspension will be completely finished after we do that. However, the car is currently driveable even without ARB’s.

         We’re happy that over break, the engine ran for the first time. The intake is under works, but our goal is to have that done within the month. We’re experiencing a minor setback with a leak that’s somewhere in the fuel lines, but we’re hoping to solve this problem as soon as possible. The car is nearing completion and as we get closer to unveiling and competition, combustion remains determined to reach our goals in the coming semester.

Austin, TX, USA

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