Our Officer Team

Andrea Kalani


Andrea is a second-year mechanical engineering student from Spring, Texas. In addition to her work on operations, she is also a powertrain engineer on the electric team. Outside of LHR, she enjoys cooking, playing piano, and hiking


Adhvayith Sriram

Vice President

Adhvayith Sriram is a sophomore mechanical engineering student from Clarksburg, MD. He was previously the facilities officer and continues to work towards increasing resources to help the design teams succeed. He also works with the ergonomics design team in combustion to improve driver safety and controls.


Sohan Agnihotri

Corporate Relations

Sohan is a first-year aerospace engineering major from Austin, Texas. He is also the unsprung assembly subsystem lead for the electric team. Outside of LHR, he is a part of Longhorn Wrestling.


Daniel Miao


Daniel is a second-year finance major from Dallas, Texas. In addition to his role as head treasurer, he is also the treasurer of the combustion team. Outside of LHR, he enjoys biking around Austin, cooking, and exploring dystopian TV shows.


Asher Nederveld

Public Relations

Asher is a first year electrical engineering student from Houston. Aside from his role as public relations officer, he is also a member of the powertrain system of the electric team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and reading whatever book he can get his hands on.


Esther Jin


Esther is a first-year Mechanical Engineering student from League City, Texas who also serves as the Solar Team's Body Lead. Outside of LHR, she is a student assistant at Texas Inventionworks, the engineering maker space.


David Balvantin


David Balvantin is a third year advertising student with a minor in business from Monterrey, Mexico. Outside of LHR he can be found playing basketball or at a local car meet.


Matthew Wash


Matthew is a first-year mechanical engineering student from Austin, Texas. Apart from being the LHR facilities officer, he also works on the Solar team. Outside of LHR, he enjoys reading, playing piano and watching movies.

Our Faculty Advisors
Young Man with Checkerd Shirt
Young Man with Checkerd Shirt
Young Man with Checkerd Shirt



Dr. Ronald


Dr. Gary


One of the greatest assets to our team, Dr. Matthews is the founder of the student division of UT SAE International and has received numerous awards from SAE for his work as an educator, researcher, and innovator. 

Mr. Wood is always there to provide our team with assistance when we need it. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Engineering and Computer Graphics Area of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Dr. Hallock is the faculty advisor and mentor that helped start the Solar Vehicle Team, and has received countless recognitions for his research in high performance plasma thrusters and the development of sophisticated plasma confinement diagnostics.


Dr. Neal

Dr. Hall is our newest Longhorn Racing advisor. As an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, he represents our team in the school of engineering and uses his background in electrical engineering to provide guidance to our electric vehicle team.

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Dr. Scott


Dr. Evans has provided a lot of help to our team. He is currently the director of the Texas InventionWorks Studio, and has a lot of knowledge to share as a mechanical engineer, materials scientist, entrepreneur, consultant and teacher.