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Solar Array

Subsystem Lead: Silvia Arzate

The Solar Array team is responsible for producing the array that powers TexSun. Each subarray is made-out of different sizes of modules according to the shape of the top surface of the body. The Array team carefully assembles each module following a process that includes testing, soldering, and laminating certain number of Sunpower solar cells in a series that maximizes the output the from each module. The solar panel arrays located on its detachable wing comprises the largest portion of the car. The array is made up of 3 smaller sub-arrays of silicon mono-crystalline cells. It includes two sub-arrays at the front end of the vehicle and a single sub-array at the rear of the vehicle. With 390 solar cells rated efficiency of 22.5% across the three sub-arrays, TexSun’s total array area comes to 5.98 square meters.

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