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Sun Powered.

Longhorn Racing Solar at The University of Texas at Austin is a student-powered engineering team that designs, builds, and races Solar Vehicles. LHR Solar provides students an exciting environment to gain real-world experience and apply the skills they’ve picked up in the classroom and on their own. Through constant dedication, persistent problem solving, and total determination, We Can Change The World.

While our team is mainly composed of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, we invite students of all majors to join and take part of bringing our dream to reality. It is impossible to operate a successful team (of any kind) when everyone thinks the same way – only through diverse opinions and healthy debate can a team reach its maximum potential and design the best car.

Our team competes in the Formula Sun Grand Prix and American Solar Challenge against Solar Car teams from around the World. Our current goal is to race in the 2022 Formula Sun Grand Prix with the cross-country American Solar Challenge to come later.

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110 Inner Campus Drive Austin, TX 78705

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